I have seen a large epidemic among fans, and friends a like. It is something that has been troubling me. I see these amazing people who think so little of themselves or they see things going on in their life, and think things will always be horrible and their life can get no better. This is not true there is so much for you in life, and yes you may have some ruff times in your life, but you can make it past it.

     I am about to share a story with you about a very close person. I will at the end of the post tell you who the person is, but you should read the entire blog. It will help you see that things do change.

     There is a man I know who has had a lot of trial, and tribulations in his life. He was born with a disability, and as he grew older the disability worsen. When he was 7 years old he was diagnosed with Epilepsy, and as he got old it got much worse, and he actually developed 3 different kinds of seizures. It didn't help that when he was 13 he was hit by a dump truck while riding his bike. At 14 just few weeks before his birthday, and Christmas his father was killed in a violent automobile accident do to a wreckless driver, and he had to see all the graphic images of the accident, and the body at the corener. Then 10 months later his best friend shot himself. The self mutilation, and suicide thoughts started, and he struggled dealing with these loses, and the worsening of his disability. School was hard for him because people shunned him do to his disability, and he also was poor. He faced a difficult home life facing both psychological, and emotional abuse and neglect from the family he lived with. He struggled for years with self mutilation, attempted suicides, and thoughts of self destruction. Then in 2001 he wrote a 4 page suicide note, and took 300 pills. He was rushed to the hospital. They could not get his heart to start beating, and as they were getting ready to call his time of death his heart started beating on its own. He was in a unconsious for 3 days. The day following him awakening from the coma the doctors who worked on him in the E.R., and the ambulance drivers came to see him in the I.C.U. They remarked about how they could not explain how he was still alive. The could not explain how he was still breathing let alone awake. As the years passed he Epliepsy continued to get worse. In 2001 he fell, and broke his back. Then on Halloween 2003 he was in a bad car accident, and broke his back again. In 2004 he went in for brain surgery for his Epilepsy. Things seemed to go okay for a year. In 2005 he was blessed with an amazing son, but his health problems had not ceased. In 2008 he had stomach surgery, and from 2008 to 2010 he was in the E.R. over 60 times do to stomach problems. In 2010 he had to get 2 seperate stomach surgeries, and brain surgery. Then another stomach surgery again in 2012.

     This is not some super person. The man I am actually talking about is me. These are just some of the trials, and tribulations I have been through in my life. I learned from my mistakes, and have not given up. No one should. Always remember you are not alone. One of the reason I do music is to touch people so they know that they are not alone. That their will always be people who know what you have gone through, Don't ever give up. Be thankful everyday you wake up because you're alive, and no matter if you believe it or not things could be worse then they are at that very moment. Things will get better stay positive. Never give in, never give up.

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