Okay I had kind of a ruff week this past week. First off getting some pain in the but news from some doctors first thing Monday. Then Wednesday had to go to see my epileptologist. Then come Friday night had another Grand Mal seizure, and did a face plant into the corner of my living room wall, busting my eye, and face open. So it has been one heck of a week. I wasn't even out of the hospital an entire week, and this junk happens. You roll with the punches. Never give in, never give up. This week is back to busting butt on working on music. Both my flamenco, and originals.I have some new videos uploading right now that I will be posting on here soon. Some on the hospital stay, some on epilepsy, and one a slide show music video. While my internet has been down I have been busting my rear on working on some videos, and trying to get better so I can get back to working on my flamenco, and originals. For those of you wondering. I have a true passion for flamenco that is the main reason I play it out so much. The other reason is I can contract out, and make good money doing it. Since I had to take such a long break from doing originals it has lowered the amount of money I was making from doing originals. Mind you I do not do this for the money because I love doing it, but when I am barely breaking even on gas for getting back, and forth to shows it kind of throws a wrench in things. If things start picking up like they used to it will change, but right now I have to focus a little bit more on my flamenco to make ends meet. No I am not cutting off working on originals or anything like that so do not worry about that. So no worries FreedomAndForgiven is going to keep pumping out tracks, and doing shows. For now I am out though folks. I hope you all have a great week! Never give in, never give up!

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