I am going to start new blog entries titled "Real World Reviews". They are for us average Joes who don't have a ton of money to spend on gear. I know the majority of men, and women out there are like me, and don't have a ton of money to spend on outdoor gear. I myself have 3 children still living at home (13, 2, and 4 months st the time of this blog), a mortgage, truck payment, and car payment so I am far from able to go drop $750 on a scope, $300 on a real, $150 on a rod, $3,000 on a rifle, $2,000 on a handgun, or a Dillion 1050XL. Reviews will be over a vast array of outdoor, shooting, and survival equipment. All things reviewed I do own, have owned or have had extensive use with. They will also not be over strictly new stuff either as we all as outdoorsmen and women have bought or do buy used gear.

Now that YouTube has gone antigun anything firearm related including optics, and reloading gear will strictly be posted on this blog. Nonfirearm related will have videos posted on Youtube, and on here.

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