Winchester WSF is a ball powder used in a vast array of 20 gauge loads, and higher velocity 1 1/8 ounce 12 gauge target loads, and 1 1/4 ounce standard loads. WSF actually stands for Winchester Super Field, and you can actually duplicate Winchester Super X 1 1/4 ounce 1,330fps 12 gauge loads with this powder and Winchester AA hulls. It is a fine ball powder that meters greatly. It also has a wide array of applications for handguns. You can purchase it in 1lb containers, 4lb jugs, and 8lb jugs.


Winchester Super Field WSF

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I have used Winchester WSF in a lot of 12 gauge loads since 2013, and now that my son is reloading for his 20 gauge he is using it as his main powder. For years I used it as my main field powder for small game, and it has been my backup powder for handicap trap, and sporting clays as you can get higher velocity from with a lower pressure. It burns clean, meters well, has a great shot to shot consistency, and has a lower price point then some others. It can have a little bit louder of a muzzle report then say Hodgdon 700x & 800x Most people will probably never know, but I am a professional musician, music producer, and audio engineer so I notice even slight things like that. 


In handgun applications I have used it in .45 Auto, and 9mm. As for 9mm it works, but I do not like using it because the minimum case overall length for this powder is the max overall length for 9mm. I am cautious with my loads, and with overall case lengths. In .45 it cycles great, and burns clean. From Sigs, to Tauruses I have never had an issue. It also tends to be an accurate consistent round at 25 yards when I do my part.

 Winchester Super Field WSF Ball Powder Flakes

Close up of WSF flakes

I personally had no real idea about this powder, and didn't do much research into it until Obama was in office, and everything dried up. This was the only powder I could ever find that worked for hunting loads, and in handguns I owned. I ended up buying 1lb containers, and luckily came across a 4lb keg shortly after Obama got a second term which helped last me until the end of his term when things started coming back in supply. I now consider it a backup powder, and make sure I have some in my reloading room in case I have a hard time finding my main powders.All in all I think this is a powder a lot of people look over. If you are doing small game hunting, handicap trap and wanting 1 1/8 ounce loads, or doing sporting clays this is a great powder to use,



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