Alliant Red Dot has been a powder that has been around since right before WWII. It used to be call Hercules Red Dot as were all Alliant powders before being bought out.

Red Dot is a light, and standard load powder for trap, and skeet shooting. It can also have applications in dove hunting, and in a pinch sporting clays. It also does have some handgun applications. It is a flat flake powder so you might have to up your bushing size then the one suggested depending on your loader. It is available in 1lb containers, and 4 & 8lb jugs.


I personally have used it for trap leagues, handicap trap leagues, and .45 Auto with 200 grain cast bullets. For quiet a few loads for 12 gauge clay shooting Red Dots velocity vs. pressure has lower velocity with higher pressure then other powders on the market. Which that pressure means higher recoil, and if you are shooting 100 clay matches or ATA tournaments that heavier recoil can start to affect your score. My biggest issue with it in a shotgun is it burns extremely dirty. It left very heavy residue in the barrel, soot all over the chamber both inside and outside on my Remington 870, and even the end of my barrels and my Carlson's extended choke was covered in soot. Now when you shoot as much as I do you don't want to have to do deep cleaning on you firearms after every time out to the range, league night, or tournament. It did burn consistent, and the pressure was consistent shot to shot, but I can't warrant buying it again for shooting on a league due to how dirty it burns.


In handgun applications I used it with 200 grain lead cast bullets in my 1911, and my EDC which is a 12+1 45 with a 3" barrel. It wouldn't consistently cycle my EDC as it is a low pressure powder in 45 Auto. In my 1911 I really didn't have any cycling issues. When throwing charges it doesn't always meter consistent so you will want to keep your trickler, and scale handy unless you are running an auto powder dispenser like the Lyman Gen 2 or such. The biggest issue again was the fact it burnt really dirty. My EDC it was hard to tell as it is black, My 1911 is silver, and after working up a load for it I went back to the range with 100 rounds loaded. By the time I was 50 rounds in my 1911 was covered in black soot, and by the time I was finished with all 100 rounds I even had black soot on my hands.


I personally wouldn't buy this powder again unless even my normal backup powders were out of stock. Now Alliant says they have reworked it some, and it now burns 50% cleaner, but I am not sure if that was changed before or after my lot of powder, and personally will not buy anymore to find out.


I give it a two out of a five as it did burn consistent, and did not have pressure jumps.


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