Okay I had kind of a ruff week this past week. First off getting some pain in the but news from some doctors first thing Monday.

     First wanted to say we got the first of several video blogs to come. So if you haven't hopped over to the video page, and checked it out you really should.

     Pretty much about the time I started waking up from the anesthesia from the scope they were knocking me back out for the surgery. I am back home now, but won't be able to really pick up a guitar for a few days so I will be doing more programming, and promoting the next few days. Well I will post the weekly blog in a couple days. Never give in, never give up.

     Now I want to share a little something for Valentine's Day. Though in a lot of ways it has been made more into a commercial holiday I figured I would share a little something from my history of love, and relationships.

Always remember. Never give in, never give up.

     I am also trying to get stuff together for moving because I will be moving in May. Which it is always fun moving because of all the gear I have for my home studio, and finding room for it all. On top of all the normal household stuff. Though one good thing about this move is I will not have neighbors real close on each side of me to I will be able to do stuff a lot louder without worrying about getting people made or worse of all getting the cops called on my for noise lol.

     Well for some reason I wrote it out as all whole notes for the guitar parts. So by the time I got done measuring them out, and started programming the drums the intro was 191 measures long which to give you a better idea of how long it was the intro would have been almost 5:30 long.

     Things have been kind of nuts with shows. The last show I did was kind of messed up with a lot of crazy stuff going on, but things ended up turning out for the show, and night anyway. The new material is coming along well. I have a couple songs in the works that I am quite stoked about working on

     Okay first, and foremost I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or other holiday that you celebrate, and hopefully you all have a safe New Year's

     We had a small issue with the fog machine at the last show. The whole entire club ended up filled with fog, and you could hardly see the stage lol.

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