First wanted to say we got the first of several video blogs to come. So if you haven't hopped over to the video page, and checked it out you really should.

      Okay so far this week is starting out kind of ruff. Ending up having a seizure last night. Which made my waking up this morning very ruff. Then with all the stuff going on with my stomach I am on more pain meds besides the ones I have to take on a regular basis, but they make me just sleep. So I ended up not getting anything done music wise today. Which pretty much sucked.

      Things are very chaotic lately. Well have been for awhile now. Probably I would say the last several years, but I am trying to get everything under control more. It is hard to get things done successfully in a timely manner of good quality work when you are around total chaos. I am not just referring to music items either. I am meaning everything in life. I think we all need to take a step back, and breath. Try to figure out how to rid our lives of at least a little chaos. Chaos causes stress, depression, and loss of motivation. Which I can speak from first hand, and had it happen often in my life many times a long with seen it happen in people's lives around me including some people very close to me. They say money is the root of all evil which I believe is partially true, but so is chaos, and power. Chaos can destroy so much in a person's life. Then you have people who gain power in their life, and it destroys them as a person. Changing them, who they are, and their personality. I try to stay humble in my life, and think a lot of people should. There is a great book I love to read on a regular basis. It is called Zen Guitar. I recommend it to anyone, and everyone not just guitar players or musicians. It is not a religious book of any sorts, but a very insightful book. I also think one thing that helps me, and would help a lot of people is to not just listen to music, but deeply listen to it. Feel it feel the sounds, feel the lyrics on songs that are not filled with hate or all negative things. Turn it up, close your eyes, and let it take you some place. Play it to where you can actually feel it. I would love people to do this with my music, and think people should with all music because 95% of all artists who write their own songs want people to see the picture they're painting with the lyrics, and sounds. At the end of this blog I will actually post a list of a few songs that have helped me deal with stuff.

      Well today I am staying busy. It is Valentine's Day, and I get to spend part of it with Angie. We originally didn't think we were going to get any time together today due to the weather we got last night, and her work schedule. So it is cool we get to now. We also today finished getting things taken care of for moving into the house in June. It will be pretty cool especially since I will be able to record at higher volumes. You get a better tone, and sound when you push a tube amp harder which in turns means turning it up more. I am going to start some recording on one of the new tracks tomorrow, and work on it some more next week. I will hopefully have the draft of it up soon for some fellow musicians to at least check out. There is a lot that goes into writing music. A lot of people think musicians slack off, and don't really do anything. Which is far from the truth. A true musician works hard, very hard. You have to take the sounds in your head, be able to arrange them into some format, figure out what instrument will achieve that sound you hear, write it out, time it, play the instruments, set up for recording, memorize it so you can record it, then record it. Then after all of that comes the post recording stuff. Live shows take a lot of work also from booking, and promotion, to making sure you have your set down tight, and making sure you put on a good show.

      Well sitting here in massive pain. I did get some work done on the guitars, and one of the new tracks today. I spent the majority of the rest of the day in bed. There is something wrong with my gallbladder that is making me very sick, and in a lot of pain. They are still trying to figure out what all is going on, and if they are having to do surgery or not. So for now I have to live with feeling like total crap until the end of next week when they are able to get me in for another test. It sucks feeling like this, and a couple people have told me to go to the E.R. I won't because the last time I did a couple weeks ago for this same issue before it started getting worse the doctor accussed me of pill shopping, and didn't do anything to figure out what was going on besides draw blood, and ran a bunch off drug tests on me because he thought I was pill shopping. I also can't go into the hospital right now because my son's 1st grade musical is coming up, and I am not going to miss one of his school functions because I am in the hospital.

      Okay well I have spent a bit of time in the hospital now, but am back home. There ended up being a lot more wrong then just my gallbladder. It is good to be back home though I do have to take it easy for a bit which is going to make it kind of hard to work on some of the guitar stuff. I will have some videos, and more stuff up soon also. My internet is down at my house so I am going to have to hit a spot with free wi-fi until they get it fixed this week. So most of my updates will be coming through mobile updates. So make sure you are connected to my Twitter account, and Facebook to be able to keep up with things until my home internet is up, and working. I am going to end the blog here so it is not 20 pages long, and give the list of the songs I listen to on a regular basis that get me through life. Which I know we all have.


Chorus Of Angels - Haste The Day (Helps motivate me when I am down about things)

Broken Body - Bury Your Dead (Sets me back in place when I feel like the world is passing by)

Cinema (Skrillex Remix) - Benny Benassi (Makes me think of my girlfriend especially when I am feeling down or lonely)

The Kids Aren't Alright - The Offspring (Reminds me of the days with my best friend who shot himself, how all of us have changed over the years, and some of the things that have happened to a lot of friends over the years)

Bombtrack - Rage Against The Machine (Different reasons)

Killing In The Name Of - Rage Against The Machine (Different reasons)

End Of Heartache - Killswitch Engage (This song has helped me through some hard times in my life)

The Bleeding - Five Finger Death Bunch (This song has also helped me through some hard times in my life)

Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites - Skrillex (The song for some reason always gives me a boost of energy)

Bottom Of A Bottle - Smile Empty Soul (Reminds me of a lot of the battles I have gone through in life alone, and no I was never a drug addict)

Never Enough - Five Finger Death Punch (The song I dedicate to the people that no matter what you do it is never good enough, you never please them, or you seem to never be able to live up to what they want you to be "I'd rather you hate me for what I am then love me for what I'm not")

Meet The Monster - Five Finger Death Punch (Helps me deal with a lot of internal battles I fight, and some of the horrid things that were done)
My Own Hell - Five Finger Death Punch (Helps me deal with a lot of internal battles)

When I See You Smile - Bad English (Makes me think of my son)

When The Children Cry - White Lion (Makes me think of my son)

If You Could Only See - Tonic (Makes me think of my girlfriend)

I'm Not Leaving (Static Revenger Remix) - The Crystal Method ft.

Martha Reeves (Because I am not going anywhere anytime soon)

Breakin' A Sweat - Skrillex & The Doors (Because you can't help but move to the song)

Breakin' A Sweat (Zedd Remix) - Skrillex & The Doors (You can't help but move to the track)

Here We Go - Bassnectar (Just seems to give me a boost of energy when I am down)

Maximal Crazy - Tiesto (The song picks you up, and makes you move)

Shave It - Zedd (The song makes you move, and picks you up)

Rumba Flamenca - Juan Martin (Just a beautiful moving song)

Malaguena - Traditional Spanish (Clears my head)

Leyenda - Traditional Spanish (Helps me clear my head, think, and motivates me to work harder at my flamenco guitar)

      The list could go on, and on for a long time, but there is a short list of some of the songs that help me through things, and my day.

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