FreedomAndForgiven on stage at Fubar FreedomAndForgiven has been performing since He was 5 years old.  He has studied music extensively from the characteristics of styles to the psychology of music (including how different frequencies, panning, and effects trigger different reactions in a listeners brain), and how visual stimulation and music can be combined to enhance these reactions.

He is highly trained in several styles of music which include Psy Trance, Goa, Trance, Progressive, Techno, Ambient, Chill Out, Drum & Bass, EDM, Flamenco Guitar, Spanish Guitar, Classical Composition, and Jazz.

When FreedomAndForgiven is not doing shows he is in the studio transcribing ballets & symphonies then transposing them, and remixing them, doing production for other recording artists, recording and producing originals, working on movie soundtracks, doing audio engineering for venues/events/churches, performing at charities, and giving cancer patients in home Flamenco guitar lessons.

He started on the drums at 4, and his parents quickly got him an electric guitar with headphones the following Christmas. The drums disappeared the day after Christmas. After getting his first guitar his love of music took off. FreedomAndForgiven studied classic rock, blues, and classical up until his teens which he continued to study classical,  then metal, techno, trance, and jazz. Which through out high school he was the lead jazz guitarist. He started producing electronic music in his late teens. After 2 freak accidents in which both his hands were burned badly he was unable to play guitar for a couple years so he focused his attention on electronic music, music production, song writing, and classical composition. 

In his down time he, and his wife rescue parrots (they have 3 Macaws, and 1 Cockatoo) which a magazine article was done on him, and one of their rescues. 
He is also an avid hunter, and fisherman so year round if he can get in the woods he is.  His family homesteads, and he loves his huge garden.

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